Tummy Tucks for the Post-Baby Paunch

Ah, Mother’s Day. It rolls around every year in the month of May, and it comes complete with macaroni art pieces, ultra-feminine floral cards, and the burnt-toast version of breakfast in bed. As loving moms, we appreciate these sweet gestures from our kiddos, and we accept them with as much gratitude as we would an…

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We Hate to Be Nosy, But Is A Nose Job for You?

Not to be nosy, but have you ever considered the possibility of getting a nose job? If you have, you are not alone. Rhinoplasty (the fancy word for “nose job”) has become incredibly popular over the last decade, with 145,000 people undergoing corrective nose surgery in 2015 alone. And there are no signs that this…

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All About Lip Augmentation

Take one good look at Hollywood’s most gorgeous women, and you will see that plump, sexy lips are all the rage in the celebrity world. More than just a cosmetic trend, however, full lips are a timeless hallmark of beauty. We can’t get enough of Angelina Jolie’s iconic pout and Scarlett Johansson’s kissable lips, and…

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Currently Trending: BOTOX® Injections for Men

Would you ever consider getting BOTOX®?  No, that isn’t a typo. We’re talking about BOTOX® for men, a revolutionary new beauty treatment that is helping guys to look younger and become the most attractive version of themselves. Okay, so it isn’t exactly a new treatment – but it is revolutionary! Women have been taking advantage…

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Get Rid of Acne Scars with Laser Rejuvenation

Got acne scars? If so, we may have a solution. It’s called laser rejuvenation, and it is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments for reversing the scarring that comes from severe and constant breakouts. Acne Scarring Facts Acne is not just for adolescents. While it is most common among teenagers going through puberty, acne…

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