Why Your Rhinoplasty Recovery Is So Important

The nose is a vital part of your facial structure. It influences facial symmetry and balance, and it can enhance or detract from your other features depending on whether it accentuates your face properly. If you want to achieve the perfect nose to bring balance to your face, you might be a good candidate for…

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What To Ask Before Your Facelift

Despite reassurances that signs of aging are natural, seeing lines, wrinkles and sagging skin on your face can be frustrating and disheartening. If you are struggling to find your self-confidence because of concerns like these, you may be ready to pursue a cosmetic treatment in the hopes of turning back the clock. If you think…

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Brazilian Butt Lifts: Myths, Facts, and More

Sure, summer is six months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your beach body. If you’re planning ahead, a great way to get the body you want is a Brazilian butt lift. Brazilian butt lifts are a safe and effective way to get the body you desire. What is a Brazilian…

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Debunking Breast Enlargement Myths

We’ve heard it all: you can enlarge your breasts with medication or cream, your breasts can burst, especially while on a plane, and you’ll have unbelievable scars after the procedure. All of these things that are thrown around on the internet and during offhand conversations are inherently false. Here are some of the biggest myths…

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Why the Cooler Months are the Best Time for Plastic Surgery

While many of us plan to undergo some kind of cosmetic surgery, it’s tough to decide when to take the plunge. After all, we have kids, jobs, and other commitments that we don’t want to have to put on hold for recovery, and we also don’t necessarily want to tell the whole world about our…

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Natrelle Gummy Implants for a Natural Feel

Any woman considering a breast enlargement desires a natural look and feel. The “gummy bear” implants are growing in popularity for this exact reason. While doctors in Europe have used this material for years, the FDA recently approved it for use in the US. At Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers of El Paso, we offer…

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