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Dr. Mark A. Jabor and Dr. Reynolds offer the finest in El Paso lip augmentation. Our lip implant procedures provide patients with full lips, an aesthetically pleasing feature in most cultures, especially in the United States. At our plastic surgery offices in El Paso, our lip augmentation procedures are provided with a variety of services, including fat transfer,  Juvéderm® and PermaLip Implant, a permanent lip implant procedure.

Choose between our lip augmentation services, as we offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to give you the best result possible. When you arrive at our office, we will sit down and discuss your unique needs and desires.

Perma Facial Implant, A Permanent Lip Implant – As seen on “The Doctors” TV show

Dr. Reynolds is the first plastic surgeon in the El Paso, Texas area to offer permanent lip augmentation with the new groundbreaking PermaLip Implant.  The PermaLipImplant is made of soft, solid silicone elastomer using an injection molding process to produce a naturally contoured implant with a smooth, non-porous surface. The permanent lip implant cannot rupture or deflate, and may be removed at any time. Unlike other permanent lip augmentation implants, the PermaLip Implant’s smooth surface does not cause tissue in-growth, making it entirely removable — the only patients of ours that have wanted them removed have switched the lip implant for a larger size.

A lip implant procedure is done in the office with local anesthesia, and only takes about 30 minutes. The PermaLip Implant, made by Surgisil, also comes in a variety of sizes. Whether you need minimal plumping of your lips, or more substantial augmentation, we have the ability to provide natural, beautiful lips with our lip augmentation procedures.

No additional charge for physicians to perform injections, BOTOX® or fillers.

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