Dermal fillers like Sculptra® are among our most popular cosmetic procedures, and for good reason — they are easy, have minimal side effects, are long-lasting and are highly effective in treating facial signs of aging. They are a great option for people who want to eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin but aren’t ready to, or don’t need to, commit to facial plastic surgery like a facelift or a brow lift. 

One of the first questions we hear from clients who are interested in dermal fillers is, “ Which one is right for me?” There are many different brands and kinds of fillers, and this can make the process of selecting one seem overwhelming or confusing. But dermal fillers are often specifically formulated to treat different concerns, from crow’s feet to thinning lips. Depending on your aesthetic goals, your provider at the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso will help you navigate the world of dermal fillers and select the right one for you. If you are worried about sagging skin due to a loss of facial fat and volume, the expert surgeons and technicians at the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso might recommend Sculptra®.

What is Sculptra® Dermal Filler?     

Different dermal fillers use various substances to help restore volume to the face, some of which are better-suited to filling in areas of different shapes and sizes. Sculptra® is formulated with poly-L-lactic acid, an FDA-approved, body-safe and biodegradable substance that is known for its ability to add volume while improving skin thickness and promoting collagen production. Together, these qualities make poly-L-lactic acid perfect for a dermal filler. Sculptra® can offer noticeable relief from sagging skin and wrinkles with its volumizing effects, while its benefits for the skin and tissues provide long-term improvements. And, since the active ingredient is skin-safe, you don’t need to worry about adverse reactions or side effects. Your body will simply process and absorb the poly-L-lactic acid over time. It takes about two years for the effects of Sculptra® to wear off completely, and the treatment is gentle and repeatable so you can restore your results by scheduling another appointment.


The most significant difference between Sculptra® and other dermal fillers is that Sculptra® often requires a series of treatments and a few months before your results are visible. Many fillers offer near-immediate results — after a few days of swelling, your lines and wrinkles will already be less visible. But since Sculptra® works with your skin to help re-establish healthy cell and tissue functions, it can take a few weeks before your results begin to show. And, since Sculptra® is typically used to treat more severe volume loss than other fillers, it can take up to six separate appointments before you can achieve complete results. But Sculptra® clients find that the time commitment is well worth their while — not only does Sculptra® last much longer than other fillers (two years as opposed to 6-12 months), but its thicker formula means it is capable of filling areas that other products could only improve by a small amount.

Sculptra® Restores and Corrects Facial Fat Loss

While all dermal fillers restore volume to areas of your face that have lost some of their youthful bounce, Sculptra® is the go-to filler for those who are experiencing significant facial fat loss, or lipoatrophy. Sunken cheeks, hollowed eyes and excess facial skin can result from a number of causes, most notably extreme weight loss or illnesses like HIV. While Sculptra® can also treat normal facial lines and wrinkles, its unique ability to help those who are experiencing lipoatrophy can have incredible benefits for their appearance and self-confidence. If your loss of facial fat has left you looking too thin, Sculptra® can help you restore a healthy fullness and glow to your skin and your facial contours.

Sculptra® in El Paso

Sculptra® treatments at the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso are administered as an outpatient procedure — you can leave your appointment and resume your day as usual. When you come in for your first treatment, you’ll meet with Dr. Reynolds or Dr. Jabor who will run through your procedure with you. Because Sculptra® cosmetic filler is not made from human or animal derivatives, no skin test is needed. Then, your surgeon will administer the Sculptra® cosmetic filler via a very fine needle inserted below your skin where the fat loss is most prominent, injecting Sculptra® gently and precisely to avoid discomfort. After your treatment, you’ll see a gradual but noticeable increase in the volume and thickness of your skin in the areas you treated as the Sculptra® settles into the injection site. While even one treatment will make a difference in your appearance, we typically recommend multiple sessions spaced a few weeks apart so that you can achieve maximum facial restoration. The number of treatment sessions may vary, but you will most likely not need more than six treatments. Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Jabor have years of experience administering facial cosmetic fillers and look forward to providing you with the Sculptra® treatments you need.

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Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Jabor of the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso are highly qualified, board-certified plastic surgeons with experience providing a full range of aesthetic procedures and treatments. No matter your concerns, we are here to help — from Botox to hair restoration, we have a solution for you. If you are unhappy with your appearance because of a loss of facial volume, visit us to learn more about Sculptra® dermal filler in El Paso, Texas. You can schedule a consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable providers for a full evaluation to be sure that Sculptra® is right for you. If you are a better candidate for a different treatment, we will be happy to offer our expert recommendation. Contact us at our West El Paso location today at 915-543-5600, or our Eastside office at 915-855-7800, to make your first appointment and start your aesthetic journey. 

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