Will a Breast Lift Make My Breasts Look Smaller?

Breasts lifts are one of the most common and effective forms of breast surgery women can have today. The results of this surgery can be truly transformative for women who qualify. Yet despite the procedure’s popularity, misconceptions have grown about its benefits. Fueled by media reports, many women have become concerned that a breast lift…

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How to Maintain Liposuction Results

Unwanted body fat can be a frustrating problem, especially when it proves stubborn against diet and exercise efforts. If you’re looking into your options for achieving your ideal physique, you might be interested in liposuction — it’s one of the most straightforward and effective choices and been used for many years by plastic surgeons to…

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What to Expect After A Facelift

When you think ahead to your life after a facelift, you likely envision yourself looking in a mirror and feeling confident in your new, younger reflection. This exciting possibility will soon be a reality — but first, it’s important to be patient and to give your body all the time it needs to recover. At…

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Belotero or Juvederm: Which Is Best For Lip Augmentation?

With so many choices in lip filler agents, it can be hard to understand which one will create the look you want. Two of the most common lip augmentation products — Belotero and Juvederm — may seem very similar at first glance, but each produces different results. Your personal goals, especially the kind of look…

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Everything You Need to Know About Cellfina

Cellulite, the all-too-familiar dimpling of the skin along the buttocks and thighs, affects more than 80 percent of all women and 10 percent of all men. While a healthy lifestyle is typically known to keep fat from accumulating on the body, cellulite is highly resistant to the effects of diet and exercise. Cellfina is a minimally invasive…

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Facelift 101

Mark A. Jabor, M.D. Television is flooded with heavily advertised facelift procedures or remedies with catchy names.  Many claims are made about wonderful results, minimal scars, and little downtime.   There is no universally accepted terminology for describing a facelift. To add to the confusion, some doctors and companies have trademarked clever names for marketing purposes…

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5 Foolproof Tips for Mens Health Month

The Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso is proud to provide services for both men and women — too often, male aesthetics clients go ignored. While we’re always dedicated to helping our male clients feel like their best selves, this month is particularly all about them. Men’s health month means focusing on all…

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Summer Skin Care How-To

Summertime in Texas means shedding winter sweaters in favor of showing a little skin. Whether you’re heading to the pool or just trying not to melt, you’re probably still hoping to look your best in the season’s more revealing clothes. A gorgeous summer glow goes a long way toward boosting your confidence — and that…

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