Often after pregnancy, a woman’s body will not return to its former state due to the trauma of pregnancy and childbirth. Sometimes, even exercise and diet will not tighten the skin or the muscle, leaving women with symptoms that can rob them of their once youthful looks and take a toll on their self-esteem and self-confidence. Women, however, do not simply have to accept the consequences of nature and time; they can choose to take action and regain a vital look that preserves their unique personality and spirit.

A mommy makeover is a group of procedures in a single surgery designed to do just that, so women can once again look and feel younger and also their very best. The results women want are possible, but to achieve them, women must select a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon who will spend the time necessary to understand her needs and plan her surgery with significant attention to detail. In consultation with her surgeon, a woman can also opt for additional rejuvenation treatments that will complement her procedures and maximize her rejuvenation.

Our experienced board-certified plastic surgeons can work with you in partnership to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. In addition to a full mommy makeover, we also offer Botox®, body contouring treatments and advanced skincare to address every concern area with proven and visible results. However, your course of treatment will only include the procedures you need, never more. To have an informed and productive mommy makeover consultation, you can begin by learning more about the procedure now.

What procedures does a mommy makeover include?

A mommy makeover may include a number of procedures, depending on your unique symptoms and aesthetic goals. It is not uncommon for the surgery to include the following procedures:

However, a mommy makeover can include additional techniques that can benefit other symptoms a woman may have. For example, many women opt to add additional treatments to maximize their rejuvenation, such as:

Your Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center surgeon will discuss all available options with you during your in-person consultation and you select the right mix of treatments to help you regain a healthy, youthful and vibrant look that highlights your best qualities and lasts.

What benefits does a mommy makeover offer?

Mommy makeovers are extremely popular because they can improve many of the symptoms women commonly face after pregnancy and childbirth. The treatment is also highly customizable so that women can enjoy the right amount of rejuvenation in the body areas which trouble them most. A mommy makeover treatment offers women all of the following benefits and more:

  • A highly-personalized procedure to optimize rejuvenation
  • A flatter and more toned abdominal region
  • A reduction in stubborn fat
  • A more youthful, full and perky breast appearance
  • A single operation and hospital visit
  • Faster results when compared to separate surgeries
  • Less risk, since there are fewer surgeries

The greatest benefit of a mommy makeover procedure, however, is how you’ll feel once you have your results. Women will not only enjoy an improved appearance free of the symptoms which troubled them in the past but also the increased confidence and self-esteem, which can improve all aspects of her life for years to come.

What is recovery like from a mommy makeover?

A woman’s mommy makeover treatment will be unique to her and her needs; consequently, her recovery time will vary depending on the number and extent of the procedures she has selected to have. In addition, every woman will heal at her own rate, making an estimation of her recovery time even more complicated. However, after focusing on rest and recovery for the first 48 to 72 hours, most women can resume light activity around the home in the days that follow. During this period, pain will be well managed through a combination of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Women will also need help around the home during the first few days of recovery to ensure their safety and comfort. However, while it might take up to eight weeks for a full recovery, most women can continue to increase their activity levels in the weeks following their surgery as they are able. If there is any question about their stage in recovery, they can always consult their performing surgeon for advice. One of the primary benefits of a mommy makeover surgery is that women will have less downtime overall when compared to having separate surgeries and can enjoy their final results sooner.

Why Choose the Surgeons of the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center for Your Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover requires considerable planning and skill to preserve the patient’s safety and realize her results. The demanding nature of the surgery makes selecting a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon paramount to achieving a woman’s desired results. A woman should not hesitate to verify her surgeon’s credentials as well as obtain ample before-and-after photos and testimonials of prior patients who have had successful outcomes. Dual board-certified plastic surgeons Drs. Jabor and Reynolds can meet and exceed these stringent requirements; the doctors have served the greater El Paso community for over 18 years, satisfying countless numbers of patients and earning returning clients.

The surgeons’ practice has also been recognized by the broader medical community, as well. Allergan, a global manufacturer of medical devices, has recognized the doctor’s outstanding contributions to medicine and patient wellbeing by awarding the practice Black Diamond Status, its highest distinction. Additionally, the El Paso Times, Texas Health and What’s Up Magazine have all recognized the doctors for their outstanding patient care. Patients will immediately understand why these doctors have earned the respect of their peers when they visit the practice for their in-person consultation. Compassion and commitment to each and every patient is a hallmark of the practice’s philosophy and at the heart of each patient relationship.


How long does it take to recover from a mommy makeover?

Recovery from a surgery like a mommy makeover takes a few weeks to heal before you can head back to work and resume typical activities. You should also avoid picking up objects over 10 pounds for six to eight weeks. First, you may experience a few days of pain, swelling and fatigue, but recommended meds will help keep you comfortable. In fact, the less pain you experience, the quicker you will recover.

Is it a dangerous procedure?

The procedures that make up a mommy makeover are considered safe surgeries and are performed daily without issues. Here at Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso, we take all precautions possible to ensure your comfort and safeguard your health. If you still have a particular concern, don’t hesitate to address it with us at your consultation.

Does it hurt?

During your procedures, you will feel nothing. Anesthetics will be administered to maintain optimum comfort during and after your surgeries. Our post-operative care instructions include ways you can continue reducing soreness or pain of any kind. The less pain you experience, the quicker you can recover. If you also have in-office cosmetic procedures, we will continue using the proper methods to reduce discomfort before, during and after these treatments too.

What’s the downtime after having a mommy makeover?

You can begin walking around within a day or two, which will also help. And wearing the binder around your waist, which you’re given after surgery, also speeds up healing time. Following all the post-op instructions will help you to get back to your routine. You can expect to return to work and normal routines, with the exception of working out, in two to four weeks, depending on which surgeries you experience. We will have all the details for you at your consultation.

Can I take care of my children easily after the procedure?

You will have to make adjustments and expect to need help for the first two to three weeks after your surgeries. Avoiding lifting anything over 10 pounds for up to eight weeks is advisable. You’ll be able to care for light duties that don’t require lifting, rocking or bending. As you get better at being up and around walking, it can be tempting to return to pre-op activities right away, but patience will be required to ensure the best results and avoid post-op complications.

Is a mommy makeover permanent?

Some of your procedures are meant to last for the long term, with the longevity of their results depending on your maintenance of them. Avoiding another pregnancy and keeping your weight steady are the keys to keeping your new, slimmer shape intact.

How long after my pregnancy should I wait before having a mommy makeover?

After each pregnancy, your body makes so many shifts and changes. Some of those take months or longer to stabilize. This is why it’s recommended that you wait six months to a year after the birth of your last baby before you consider a mommy makeover. This will allow your body to heal, your weight to plateau and your hormone levels to rebalance. Keeping a stable weight will be key to maintaining your results permanently, so you’ll want to be close to your ideal size and stay there.

Will insurance cover my mommy makeover procedure?

Most insurance carriers do not cover cosmetic or elective plastic surgeries. Check with your provider to confirm the details of your policy.

Am I a good candidate for a mommy makeover?

Anyone who suffers from loose belly skin, excess pockets of fat around their middle, sagging breasts or even more intimate issues post-pregnancy can consider having a mommy makeover. You’ll want to be sure that your general health is able to endure surgical procedures. For the tummy tuck or body lift and possible lipo, your weight should be steady for several months and close to your ideal. BMIs above 30 may not qualify.

Can you get a mommy makeover if you’re not a mom?

Anyone who is the right fit for the procedures included in a mommy makeover can certainly get them done. You don’t have to be post-pregnancy to have them. The term ‘mommy makeover’ was applied to the particular set of surgeries and treatments that rejuvenate areas of the body that are affected most by pregnancy. Set up your consultation here to customize your own needs and look and feel how you’d like.

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You can also explore complementary treatments to get the most from your office visit. Best of all, you can continue to rely on our board-certified plastic surgeons for ongoing care and additional treatments as you need them. The surgeons of the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center of El Paso will always be here for you, now and for life.

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