Breast implants offer women a safe and long-lasting way to have the breast appearance they want. The device gives women the option to create the shape and profile of breast that may not have been possible through other means and breast implants frequently last for more than a decade, giving women both peace of mind and convenience. The results of a breast implant surgery do much more than improve a woman’s look, however; the procedure can restore a woman’s confidence and boost her mood.

Breast implants, though, like any other medical device, do not last forever. Even a successful surgery that provides years of worry-free results may need to be revisited as implants reach the end of their lifespan. Unfortunately, some women may need to revisit their implant surgery sooner, as a result of problems, which are rare but do occur. A second surgery to remove or replace the implants can resolve these problems, safely and effectively, however. By choosing specialists in breast implant removal and breast revision surgery, women can once again enjoy outstanding results.

What is a breast implant explantation procedure?

Breast implant removal, or explantation, reverses the results of your breast implant surgery; during explantation, your surgeon will remove your breasts implants, addressing any scar tissue that may have resulted from your original procedure as well. At your direction, your surgeon can also insert new implants into the breast pocket and lift or reshape your breasts to restore a satisfying appearance, although these steps are not a required part of an explantation procedure.

Your breast implant removal procedure will be planned, during your consultation, much like your implant procedure was, with a careful assessment of your needs and goals and a thoughtful, personalized surgical plan created to accomplish your results. Dr. Jabor and Dr. Reynolds will give you ample opportunities to ask questions both during and after your consultation, so you feel completely comfortable about your path forward.

When You Should Consider Breast Implant Removal

Women who have older implants that are nearing the end of their lifespan should consider having their implants checked to assess their breast health and ensure their safety. If no problems are discovered, breast implant removal is probably not necessary. However, if you are experiencing any of the following problems with your breasts, you should set-up a consultation for a possible surgery immediately. Issues that implant removal can resolve include:

  • Capsular contracture, which is the formation of uncomfortable scar tissue around your implants
  • Infection occurring in the breast pocket
  • Implant rupture
  • Augmentation results that did not meet your goals
  • The desire to lift, reshape or your revise your results
  • A breast cancer diagnosis
  • Symptoms associated with breast implant illness
  • Implants that require repositioning to achieve your desired results
  • Your implants no longer satisfy your desired look or lifestyle

What Will Happen During Your Breast Implant Removal Procedure

Breast implant removal surgery closely resembles breast augmentation surgery; however, during explantation, there may be additional steps performed to correct scar tissue or resolve other problems which may only be addressed through surgery. A surgery, of course, will be based on your needs, so no two surgeries follow the exact same plan. For example, if you do not want to replace your implants, your surgeon may recommend including a breast lift in your surgery or an augmentation through a fat transfer to maximize your results.

If you choose to have new implants as a part of surgery, your implants will be carefully situated in the breast pocket to give you the most attractive look possible. Any excess breast tissue contributing to drooping or sagging will be excised, regardless of which variant of surgery you choose as well as any scar tissue. You may also have your areolae resized to produce a more attractive look. The goal of surgery is to give you a breast appearance which is attractive, with complete comfort and health.

What happens after my breast implants are removed?

As discussed briefly above, you will have many ways to customize your breast implant removal surgery and many factors will play a role in the variant of surgery that is right for you. There is no “wrong answer”; you should feel empowered to select the option that best suits your health, self-image and lifestyle. The most common surgical options which women select are implant replacement, natural augmentation through fat transfer and a breast lift with reshaping without new implants.

Replacing Your Implants

Replacing implants is a natural choice for women who enjoyed satisfying results from their original procedure but need to correct a rupture or have older implants which require replacement. You can choose to have implants of the same size as you had previously or change the size of your implants to improve your look. Changing the size of your implants can also be especially helpful if you have recently gained or lost a significant amount of weight. You can also change the type of implant you have at this time as well. Most women will have all the same choices available to them that they had at the time of their first surgery.

Augmenting Your Breasts Through Fat Transfer

Women who do not want new implants can still augment the size of their breasts naturally through a fat transfer. A fat transfer uses fat grafted from a donor location on a woman’s body and safely introduces the fat into the breast tissue to provide a very natural looking and feeling breast enhancement. Fat can be drawn from the abdomen or thighs, which has the added advantage of slimming these areas as a result; although, of course, a woman must have sufficient fat on her body to achieve her desired augmentation results. Breast tissue, along with natural body fat, can be expertly shaped to provide a very desirable result.

Lifting and Reshaping the Breasts

When breast implants are removed, women may experience some drooping or sagging due to breast skin which has been stretched over time by their implants. This is a natural and inevitable result of breast implant explantation. However, a breast lift can successfully resolve this problem through the careful excision of enough breast skin to restore a woman’s attractive breast position. At the same time, your surgeon can reshape your breast tissue to enhance your breast results even further. Breasts lifts are often performed in conjunction with breast explantation for theses reasons.

Call the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers of El Paso today if You Have Been Considering Breast Implant Removal

Women in the El Paso area who are considering having their breast implants removed can rely on board-certified surgeons Dr. Jabor and Dr. Reynolds of the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers. The surgeon’s exceptional qualifications and in-depth experience ensure that their patients enjoy safe surgeries with high-quality results. Dr. Jabor and Dr. Reynolds approach each new surgical candidate with a full commitment to the patient-surgeon relationship, leading to a detailed understanding of the patient’s needs and goals and a sound surgical plan.

Call Dr. Jabor or Dr. Reynolds today at 915-543-5600 or contact the office to set up an appointment to discuss if breast implant exchange is right for you. For more information, you can also read Dr. Reynolds comments in the following article, TX Health Magazine Discusses Breast Augmentation .

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