Buttock Augmentation via Brazilian Butt Lift in El Paso

While buttock implants remain an option, butt augmentation through fat transfer has become increasingly popular in recent years. Buttock implants are often not the best choice because of the need to replace the implants after a number of years as well as possible complications. In contrast, the Brazilian butt lift is a fat-transfer procedure that is permanent and usually provides a faster recovery and more natural shapely backside. Fat injections are often recommended for those trying to achieve a perkier backside but who don’t necessarily want to drastically increase the size of the buttocks. While buttock implants only add volume, the fat transfer method actually reshapes the rear. This procedure is the only FDA-approved method of butt injection. The demand for this surgery has skyrocketed over the past few years, and for good reason.

What is Butt Augmentation through Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift)?

A Brazilian butt lift is essentially a butt augmentation using fat injections. In this procedure, fat is extracted from elsewhere on the body and injected into the buttocks to increase shape and volume. Liposuction is often used prior to the procedure in order to help contour the buttocks. Fat is often removed from the abdomen, hips, or back, then the fat is purified before it is injected into the buttocks. The fat is inserted at various depths to ensure the best absorption rate.

Why is a Brazilian Butt Lift the Best Option?

While implants and fat transfer are both options for butt augmentation in El Paso, there are several notable differences to consider before undergoing either surgery. Recovery from a Brazilian butt lift procedure is often quicker than from buttock implants. In fact, patients are often able to return to full activities within a few weeks. The butt also feels softer in comparison, where implants tend to feel like tightened muscle.

Material: Implants are made of solid silicone that is usually inserted below the muscle in the buttocks. Although this material is safe, it will feel notably different than the fat-transfer method which uses the patient’s own fat and feels more natural.

Recovery Period: Butt implants have a significantly longer recovery period than Brazilian butt lift procedures. The average healing period for silicone implants is about 4-6 weeks, where fat transfer recovery time is about 2-3 weeks total.

Overall Appearance: Because the Brazilian butt lift procedure uses your own fat tissue, and because the doctor uses liposuction to shape the buttocks, the end result generally appears more natural.

Chances of Side Effects or Infection: Because implants involve inserting a foreign object into the body, there’s always the chance that your body could reject the implant or that the implant could become displaced by the movement of your muscles. This also increases the risk for possible infection.

Take the Next Step Toward a Beautiful Backside

Butt augmentation via fat transfer is ideal for less scarring and chance of infection, shorter recovery, and a more naturally shaped buttocks. Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso specializes in the very best quality care, and Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Jabor are both skilled and experienced in Brazilian butt lift surgeries. Please contact us to schedule a personalized consultation.

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