Why You Should Get Laser Hair Removal This Winter

If you have ever stopped to consider how dramatically your life would improve by not having to shave or wax, you’re not alone. Women and men in today’s world no longer want to expend daily time and effort when a series of laser hair removal treatments could make their skin perfectly and permanently smooth. If the idea of having smooth, hairless skin is appealing to you, now is the time to act. Winter is an excellent time of year to undergo laser hair removal for the following reasons.

Pale Skin Means More Effective Results

Because laser hair removal relies on pigment detection to selectively destroy the hair without discoloring the skin, treatment is most effective when the color of the hair and the color of the skin are drastically different. More specifically, laser hair removal is most effective on pale skin with dark hair. Winter is a time when many of us tend to have paler skin because of reduced sun exposure. This season can create the optimal contrast between skin and hair tones so that your laser hair removal treatment can more effectively give you the results you want.

More Time to Get the Results You Want

Laser hair removal works by destroying hairs that are in the growth phase. Unfortunately, the biological reality of hair growth is that not all hairs are always in this phase at the same time. Therefore, during a single treatment, only a portion of hair follicles are effectively disabled. To destroy all unwanted hair in a certain area, you must receive several laser hair removal treatments that are each spaced approximately six weeks apart. The time between treatments allows the remaining hairs to transition to the growth phase so that they can be successfully targeted at your next treatment. By reserving this series of treatments for the cold season, you give yourself sufficient time for the entirety of your treatment to be completed before summer and swimsuit season.

Say Goodbye to Shaving

There are plenty of other reasons to consider laser hair removal this winter. For instance, candidates must avoid waxing for six weeks before their treatment. During winter, you have every excuse to wear pants and warmer clothes to hide your legs, arms, chest, and other areas while you avoid waxing for six weeks before your laser hair removal treatment. For men, the winter cold is a great excuse to allow facial hair to grow before you begin your treatment. Perhaps the best reason to get laser hair removal this winter is that you’re tired of waxing and shaving. To save you the time, energy, effort, and money that you would spend on shaving and waxing over the years, laser hair removal can permanently eliminate unwanted hair from anywhere on your body, leaving you with skin that is forever smooth.


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