Experience radiant, clear and age-defying skin with a DiamondGlow treatment by SkinMedica. This next-level facial resurfacing treatment delivers three benefits at once to exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin with SkinMedica’s Pro-Infusion Serums tailored to your unique complexion concerns.

What Is DiamondGlow?

DiamondGlow is an all-new, cutting-edge facial treatment that utilizes 3-in-1 technology to exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin, extract impurities and then infuse the skin with hydration for a clearer, more even-toned complexion. DiamondGlow combines the benefits of a traditional facial with microdermabrasion by exfoliating the outer layer of the skin before deeply infusing a serum when the pores are open and most receptive.

At Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso, we offer the highly customizable DiamondGlow treatment as a noninvasive, nonsurgical skin resurfacing option that requires no downtime and causes no discomfort. Patients enjoy skin that is noticeably plumper and firmer with an overall improved complexion after just one treatment.

If you’re ready to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, contact us today to request your free consultation about DiamondGlow in El Paso, TX and find out why our clients call it “a facial on steroids!”

A Tailor-Made Treatment for You

The DiamondGlow treatment is one of the most versatile and customizable facial treatments on the market. DiamondGlow exfoliates the skin using its patented recessed diamond tips that come in different coarseness and sizes, allowing for multiple levels of exfoliation to deliver cutting-edge skin resurfacing. Its closed-loop suction system is also customizable and offers different levels of suction to address everything from deeply clogged pores on the cheeks and nose to impurities on the delicate skin around the eyes and lips.

Additionally, as the DiamondGlow wand passes over the facial tissue, it assists in lymphatic drainage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the face to help release fluid buildup and toxins that cause skin concerns such as puffiness, dark circles and congested skin.

With just one DiamondGlow treatment, we can improve skin tone, texture and clarity. DiamondGlow is effective at fighting many skin concerns, including:

  • Roughness and uneven skin texture
  • Dry, dull and flaky skin that lacks moisture and hydration
  • Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Clogged pores, blackheads and congested skin
  • Acne-prone skin suffering from breakouts
  • Mild signs of aging such as fine lines and loss of skin elasticity

SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Signature Serums

Each DiamondGlow facial treatment is designed to work with the SkinMedica Pro-Infusion Signature Serum line that can be tailored to each patient’s specific skin concerns. The science and research that go into SkinMedica’s Pro-Infusion Signature Serums deliver professional-grade formulas with high-quality ingredients that result in a visibly brighter, clearer and more youthful complexion.

During your consultation at our plastic surgery center in El Paso, your clinician will assess your skin and listen to your goals to decide which serum is right for you. Your personalized treatment may include one or a combination of the following serums:

SkinMedica® TNS® Advanced+

An anti-aging serum that targets coarse wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin while enhancing overall tone and texture.

SkinMedica® Skin Brightening

A brightening serum with SkinMedica’s patented Lumixyl® peptides that improves the appearance of uneven pigmentation and promotes a more even skin tone.

SkinMedica® Ultra Hydrating

A hydrating serum formulated with an infusion of hyaluronic acid to rehydrate and smooth dry, dull skin that lacks moisture.

SkinMedica® Vitamin C

An antioxidant serum formulated with a deep dose of antioxidants and nutrients to rejuvenate and protect the skin against everyday environmental stressors.

SkinMedica® Pore Clarifying

An anti-acne serum that fights pimples, shrinks pores and refreshes congested skin to promote an overall clearer complexion.

All of our SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serums are sulfate/sulfite-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free.

FAQs: DiamondGlow Facial

How is DiamondGlow different from other microdermabrasion treatments?

Unlike other microdermabrasion treatments, DiamondGlow can be tailored to each patient’s individual skin with SkinMedica’s Pro-Infusion Signature Serums line. Additionally, most patients have more than one skin concern that they wish to address, and with DiamondGlow, more than one serum may be used to achieve your skin goals.

What is a DiamondGlow facial like?

When you come in for your appointment, your clinician will start by removing any makeup you may be wearing and cleansing your face to prepare your skin for your DiamondGlow facial. During your treatment, your clinician will go over your entire face with the DiamondGlow wand as it simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and then rehydrates your skin with the SkinMedica Pro-Infusion Serum.

Once your DiamondGlow treatment is finished, your clinician will apply sunscreen to ensure your freshly treated skin is protected when you leave. The entire treatment is comfortable, and there is no downtime or recovery afterward.

How long does a DiamondGlow treatment take?

Depending on your personalized treatment plan, a DiamondGlow facial can take between 30 minutes and one hour, with most DiamondGlow treatments taking around 30 minutes.

Is a DiamondGlow facial painful?

Not at all! In fact, many patients find a DiamondGlow facial to be relaxing and rejuvenating. Some even say that a DiamondGlow treatment feels like a facial massage.

Who is a good candidate for a DiamondGlow treatment?

The ideal candidates for DiamondGlow are patients who are in good general health and wish to exfoliate and refresh their skin, improve skin tone and texture, and increase skin hydration.

Can DiamondGlow be combined with other treatments?

A DiamondGlow treatment makes an excellent add-on or maintenance treatment to other procedures such as laser treatments, microneedling and chemical peels. DiamondGlow can help maintain and improve the skin in between more invasive procedures and can help make the most of your skin goals for optimal results.

DiamondGlow is an excellent and safe treatment for injection patients as it works as a great refresher to plump and hydrate the skin between injection appointments.

What are the benefits of a DiamondGlow treatment?

A DiamondGlow facial can help treat acne-prone skin, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone due to sun damage, hyperpigmentation and age spots. DiamondGlow can also help alleviate signs of aging such as fine lines, mild wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity by plumping the skin and improving hydration.

How should I prepare for my DiamondGlow treatment?

Before your DiamondGlow treatment, you should avoid topical use of skincare products containing AHAs, BHAs and retinoids for at least three days. When you come in for your appointment, your clinician will remove any makeup you have on and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is the aftercare for a DiamondGlow facial?

DiamondGlow is a noninvasive, nonsurgical treatment with no downtime, so you can immediately return to your normal activities afterward. You should avoid topical skincare products containing AHAs, BHAs and retinoids for three days post-treatment and avoid exfoliation for at least one week post-treatment. It is important to wear sunscreen after your DiamondGlow treatment as your skin will be tender and delicate after exfoliation.

When will I see DiamondGlow results?

Immediately after your treatment, you’ll notice visibly plumper, firmer and more hydrated skin. Your skin will be brighter and clearer, and most patients notice more volume and a smoother complexion. You can expect to see more smoothness and evening out of skin texture and tone as your skin continues to regenerate and respond to the treatment over the next few weeks.

Are the results from a DiamondGlow treatment permanent?

You should see an immediate glow after your first treatment that lasts until your cells turn over. Over a series of treatments, the quality of your skin gradually improves, leading to longer-lasting benefits.

How often should I get a DiamondGlow treatment?

Most patients see instant results after one DiamondGlow treatment and continue to get one to two DiamondGlow treatments per month to maintain results. Our clinician will determine a personalized treatment plan during your appointment.

What is DermalInfusion? Is it the same treatment as DiamondGlow?

The new DiamondGlow treatment with SkinMedica Pro-Infusion Serums was formerly known as DermalInfusion. Both are facial treatments from Allergan Aesthetics and use the same breakthrough skin resurfacing technology.

Are there any side effects to DiamondGlow?

Some patients experience mild redness immediately following their Diamond Glow treatment; however, this is temporary and generally subsides within a few hours. It is also normal for your skin to feel slightly sensitive and tender for a few days after your treatment when you apply your skincare, as your skin will be delicate after exfoliation.

Who should not get a DiamondGlow facial?

Individuals with compromised skin, such as sunburns, cold sores or any other open lesions on the face, should not have a DiamondGlow treatment. Patients who are on Accutane (isotretinoin) are not candidates for DiamondGlow and should wait at least six months after taking this medication to get a DiamondGlow treatment.

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