Have you been getting fit for an upcoming wedding, vacation or other big event and still have a few inches of stubborn fat or cellulite to lose? Or you’ve been working on healthy eating and exercise but still can’t blast those last bits of unwanted fat. For any scenario where you want a thinner body, we have the perfect solution for you to customize your curves.

Our Ultimate Contour service here at Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers of El Paso offers you the possibility of immediate results within a safe, noninvasive and pain-free experience.

Patients have been known to lose one inch on their first visit with significantly measured reductions after an entire course of treatments. This comprehensive body contouring procedure removes fat and cellulite while simultaneously tightening skin, and it will be customized just for your dream body.

We’ll help you lose those stubborn inches with our state-of-the-art body contouring options, including the newest devices on the market today.

What Is Body Contouring?

Maybe you’ve heard about body contouring or body sculpting procedures that eliminate fat and shape the body, also sometimes referred to as lipolysis or Cool Sculpting.

These nonsurgical alternatives to liposuction surgery are recommended for those without a significant amount of fat cells to remove or who don’t have a substantial amount of cellulite. Each service can be applied to the exact location of needed treatment to create the desired body shape, such as the highly coveted perfect hourglass figure.

Benefits of Body Sculpting

  • Requires no general anesthesia or incisions
  • Leaves no scars
  • Little to no downtime or side effects
  • Treatment is discreet and quick
  • Results last as long as you maintain your weight

Nonsurgical body shaping has proven to be an effective and safe way to lose fat, mainly when used in addition to exercise and dieting. Most options on the market typically use methods that freeze away or melt fat cells with lasers which can be a little less than comfortable for some. But now, an upgraded alternative offers an even more enjoyable experience during the procedure and can also banish cellulite and tighten skin simultaneously. It’s called Ultimate Contour (or UC).

What Is Ultimate Contour?

UC is a revolutionary new procedure for body sculpting. It employs the only FDA-cleared device that uses low-frequency ultrasound to provide painless, immediate results for full circumference and cellulite reduction of the tummy area. UC also contains a radio frequency (RF) addition for enhanced tightening and toning of the skin itself.

Best used on your

  • Arms
  • Abdomen, flanks, and back
  • Hips, thighs, and calves

UC vs Other Devices

Other Devices

Typical nonsurgical body sculpting treatments take one month to see results after each appointment, with a comprehensive effect that builds to reach your goal over six to 12 months. They employ heat or cooling technology; sometimes, the sensation can create discomfort for more sensitive patients. Cellulite isn’t easily removed, and most other body contouring procedures cannot promise that result.

Ultimate Contour

UC treatments deliver maximum results, with most seeing an immediate reduction and losing an inch or more in the abdominal area on their very first visit. This is accomplished through comfortable ultrasound technology that blasts fat cells with the potential for a more substantial outcome.

The added RF technology produces a skin tightening and toning effect. When RF energy enters the skin, it encourages your own collagen and elastin to regenerate, creating a smoother and more youthful appearance. This is similar to Renuvion, a ground-breaking skin tightening service we offer that uses the power of helium gas and RF energy that helps to smooth and improve your skin.

How Does Ultimate Contour Work For Your Body?

UC’s low-frequency ultrasound wave technology vibrates fat cells, causing them to rupture and break down. This turns into a liquid processed through your lymph system, eventually released from your body, and expelled through the natural waste removal process. While you will see an immediate change after the first session, this science takes a little time which is why you’ll see the most improvement over three to six months after your final appointment.

How Does Ultimate Contour Work For Your Skin?

As we age, there’s a breakdown in the collagen that keeps our skin firm, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. UC technology uses RF energy to reach the more profound, collagen-rich layers of your skin, including surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. This causes collagen to contract and encourages the growth of all new collagen and elastin, creating a more taut and smoother appearance even after just one treatment.

What to Expect

UC treatments can take anywhere from 10-40 minutes depending on the area being targeted, making it perfect for a lunchtime appointment. Results can be seen instantly following the first procedure, but optimal results are typically seen following a series of three to six sessions, spaced about one week apart.

During your appointment, you’ll unwind in a private room while your specialist preps you for a comfortable spa experience. As the UC device is drawn back and forth along your treatment areas, you’ll relax deeper while the ultrasound technology does its work.

Each session offers a gradual smoothing of your skin’s surface, including a cellulite reduction, a circumferential reduction of body fat and noticeable re-shaping.

Recovery Time

Most patients require zero recovery time and return to their normal activities immediately. A pinkish appearance in the treatment area may last a few hours but will not remain permanently. You’ll avoid strenuous exercise immediately after, but otherwise, you’ll continue with the typical course of your day.

Expected Results

The improvement in skin quality and fat loss should be long-lasting, possibly permanent, if you maintain your weight. Maintaining your results is subject to your calorie intake, exercise and lifestyle. So, a balanced diet, proper exercise program and healthy lifestyle will help to keep the desired treatment effects.

After achieving your maximum results, you may wish to schedule one to two treatments per year for optimal maintenance.

Who Makes the Best Candidate?

You might be a good candidate for UC if you’re eating right and exercising already, but you can’t seem to trim off those last few inches of stubborn fat and cellulite. UC is a safe, painless, and effective treatment for nearly anyone with a BMI between 25 to 35 who wishes to see reduced fat in a specific problem area or areas.

You qualify as an ideal candidate if you’re generally healthy and have reasonable expectations for the outcome. While it offers fantastic results, they depend on each personal circumstance. As always, the best way to know if you’re eligible for this or our other noninvasive fat reduction treatments and what you can expect is to talk to our doctors during your consultation.

Can Ultimate Contour Shape Your Life?

At your consultation with Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Jabor or Dr. Aburto, your skin laxity and fat loss concerns will be reviewed and you can decide with your doctor if UC is the appropriate treatment for you.

Don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment here so you can start learning more about UC right away and see if you’re just one treatment away from a slimmer and tighter version of yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions


Considerable results are visible immediately after your first treatment. Long-term effects improve after multiple treatments as new healthier collagen is formed and will produce tighter, more natural-looking, and firmer skin.


The improvement in skin quality should be long-lasting, 6 to 12 months on average. Some patients seek 1-2 treatments per year for optimal maintenance.


UC procedures are painless. Most patients describe their treatment sessions as relaxing, even comparing them to a luxurious massage. Some thinner patients experience more sensation than others but still report zero discomfort.


Most insurance providers do not typically cover elective cosmetic or aesthetic procedures such as UC. We encourage you to check directly with your insurance provider to see if they offer options for reimbursement.


UC procedures are flexible and adaptable— they can be easily combined with other body contouring or skin enhancement treatments. If you’re considering other treatments at the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso, such as liposuction. In that case, you should discuss the combination of procedures that can help you to achieve optimal body contouring results.


UC treatments require minimal preparation. On the day of your appointment, avoid taking any antihistamines or anti-inflammatories. This means no Motrin, No Aleve, no turmeric, no curcumin. Tylenol only is acceptable if needed. If you take aspirin, please continue to take it as usual. Your doctor will give you all further instructions beforehand.

CareCredit® and Prosper are both options for financing your healthcare services. El Paso Plastic Surgery accepts both! Please visit the company websites to learn more.

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