Why MedSpa Injectables Are a Shot in the Dark

Most people have the best of intentions when choosing where to get their injectables. A “BOTOX® Cosmetic party” in a friend’s home may sound like harmless fun, and steeply discounted prices offered at MedSpas are just as appealing. Unfortunately, a casual environment and a too-good-to-be-true low cost is a typical indicator of black market products and risky results.

Where is your procedure performed?

When MedSpas and private medical offices register here in Texas, requirements are enforced for safe administration of anesthesia, but there is little regulation on procedures. An accredited surgical facility like ours must meet sterilization requirements, maintain operating room standards, have certain safety equipment, and follow a thorough record-keeping protocol for surgical and non-surgical procedures alike. These regulations ensure patient safety and reduce the risk of infection and poor results.

Risks also increase in casual environments outside of medical facilities. A “BOTOX® party” is likely made possible because a physician’s assistant or back office staff member had access to the product, which can only be purchased by a medical doctor. The risks of participating in such an event far outweigh any advantages of the treatment, including the advantage of a significantly reduced cost.

Are you getting a legitimate product?

If you can find BOTOX® Cosmetic injections for under $9.00 unit, you may be getting a watered-down product or something counterfeit. Doctors can purchase artificial versions of BOTOX® Cosmetic online or from overseas and offer steep discounts while still making a profit, so anything in this price range should be a cautionary sign. Silicone is another black market product that is widely used in lip augmentation and as a facial filler because of its low price. This type of silicone is usually industrial-grade, similar to what can be purchased from a home-improvement store. It is definitely not FDA cleared as a facial filler and can do permanent damage to the face.

Who is performing your treatment?

Anyone who has a medical license can legally administer BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectables. These physicians include pediatricians, gynecologists, dentists, and general doctors who most likely do not have training in cosmetic procedures. In many states, including Texas, non-physicians (registered nurses and physician’s assistants) are allowed to perform treatments as long as they perform them under a medical doctor’s supervision. Aestheticians cannot purchase the products, but at a MedSpa, the medical director is able to purchase the product and authorize aestheticians to inject it.

Our patients at Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers of El Paso have the assurance that all injections are administered personally by one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Mark Jabor or Dr. Richard Reynolds, or one of our highly trained, experienced nurse injectors under direct supervision by our board-certified plastic surgeons. Preserving the integrity of plastic surgery and maintaining high standards of professionalism is of utmost importance as we seek to provide our patients with outstanding results.
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