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Minimally Invasive Breast Surgery

Minimally Invasive Breast Surgery

For patients seeking minimally invasive breast surgery in El Paso, Dr. Reynolds offers a popular type of breast augmentation surgery known as “axillary endoscopic breast augmentation”. This type of breast augmentation through the armpit is a safe and successful procedure that provides patients with the same benefits of shapely, contoured breasts but without highly visible scarring. While this type of procedure is not right for every patient, many patients find this technique highly desirable due to the small (1.5 to 2 inch) scar made in the crease of the armpit, also known as the transaxillary crease. When the small incision heals, the natural crease of the skin hides the scar very well, and is not highly noticeable.

While the time the patient takes to heal from this type of minimally invasive breast surgery is about the same as all other types of breast augmentation, the armpit incision is favored by many patients over the inframmary crease incision (the space under your breast, where the skin meets your torso) or the areola incision (through the nipple).

Breast Augmentation through the Armpit

Patients seeking breast augmentation through the armpit in El Paso have come to the right place. Dr. Reynolds is the only plastic surgeon in the area offering this type of minimally invasive breast surgery, as the procedure requires a greater level of precision and experience than traditional forms of breast augmentation. In the armpit, the use of a small endoscope, camera, and television is used by Dr. Reynolds to perform the same successful breast augmentation surgery as achieved through the inframmary crease or the area – but with the benefit of greater visibility and accuracy. Click here to learn more about Axillary Endoscopic Breast Augmentation.

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