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Before The Big Day...

Before The Big Day...

Mark A. Jabor, M.D.

The big day has finally arrived! There are many things you can do to look refreshed on your wedding day that are cost friendly and noninvasive!

At the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center of El Paso we offer the largest array of non-invasive treatments in the region including: BOTOX®, fillers, lasers, facials and skin care products to name a few.

BOTOX® temporarily removes frown lines and crows feet. It takes several days to have its full effect and lasts about 4-6 months resulting in a fresh, frown free you.

Facial fillers improve deep wrinkles and restore volume. In addition, they can enhance your lips. Some bruising can occur, so it is best to receive treatment at least 2 weeks before your wedding day. 

Are you going on a relaxing beach honeymoon? Try laser hair removal for your bikini area. It takes 3–4 sessions to permanently remove the hair and should be started 6 months in advance.

Cool touch and Fraxel are non-invasive laser treatments that generate new collagen resulting in a more youthful appearance. Our doctors can recommend the best treatment for your skin type. They usually require 3-4 treatments and should be started 6 months before the wedding.

Regretting that tattoo on your shoulder or arm that will be seen when you wear your beautiful strapless wedding gown? Try laser tattoo removal. The length of time to remove your tattoo varies depending on the size and color of your tattoo.

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable times in your life. Most importantly, with all the stress and worries of planning your wedding, take some time for you. Give yourself plenty of time to receive treatment and heal before the big day. By planning ahead and being prepared you are guaranteed a stress free, relaxed and enjoyable event. For more information call 543-5600 or visit

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