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A New You

A New You

Mark A. Jabor, M.D.

The search for a “new you” often leads people to seek changes to their appearance. Plastic surgery has come a long way since its humble beginnings of reconstructing wartime injuries. It is still concerned with reconstruction of a variety of problems but has blossomed into a whole new discipline of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are allowing more people to look and feel younger and have more confidence.This has been fueled by people who are now placing more emphasis on themselves. As our society has become more competitive and the baby boomer generation is aging people are seeking plastic surgery in record numbers.

“Recent data shows a 444% increase in the last 8 years”, says local plastic surgeon Mark A. Jabor of the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center of El Paso. With the increased demands, have come a host of different procedures and a refinement in techniques. “This has greatly benefited the patient”, says Dr. Jabor, who now has more to choose from.

Cosmetic procedures come in a wide variety now days. These include the less invasive things such as BOTOX® and facial filler injections to lasers as well as more traditional surgical treatments. “There really is something for everyone”, states Dr. Jabor.

“It is not just for the rich and famous anymore”, says Dr. Jabor. “I see and treat a wide variety of patients who are much more educated and proactive about cosmetic surgery”. Many patients today will either save up or finance their procedures. This has allowed more people to enjoy the benefits of cosmetic surgery. For more information on cosmetic procedures contact the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center of El Paso at 915-543-5600 or visit ,

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