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The labiaplasty surgery is used to reduce the size of the inner lips or outer lips of the vagina, reshaping them to be more symmetrical and/or proportionate. Women often choose to undergo the labia reduction surgery due to pain during sexual intercourse, complications resulting from childbirth, or even aging.

Labia reduction or reshaping is ideal for women with larger than normal inner and outer vaginal lips; the reasons may be purely cosmetic or due to constant pain throughout the day.

Details of the Labia Reduction Surgery

The labia reduction surgery begins with a local anesthetic and lasts about two hours. Using special instruments, such as scissors, scalpels, or lasers, the inner vaginal lips are shortened. The outer lips are then reduced with either the same surgical tools or through liposuction. Other vaginal rejuvenation procedures may be carried out at this time to increase cosmetic and functional results. You will be unable to engage in intercourse and heavy exercise or lifting until the swelling has subsided, usually around four weeks after your surgery.

To learn more about labia reduction surgery or reshaping, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Reynolds or Dr. Jabor, both renowned, board-certified cosmetic surgeons. During your one-on-one labiaplasty surgery consultation, Dr. Reynolds or Dr. Jabor will answer your questions and map out a plan of action.

To schedule an appointment, please call 915-543-5600 or contact Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso online for additional information on the labiaplasty surgery.

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