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Facial Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Transfer In El Paso

Undergoing a facial fat transfer procedure in El Paso, Texas has never been easier, as the procedure is most often done on an out-patient basis. Depending on the extent of the procedure, receiving facial fat injections may be done in the office with local anesthesia or at a surgical center. The facial fat transfer procedure is minimally-invasive, and rejuvenates the face to restore a youthful look. In this process, fat is liposuctioned from a donor site, such as the thighs or the abdomen, and the facial fat injection is inserted into a new site, addressing sagging and deflation in the face.

A facial fat transfer may last several years or longer, depending on the area treated. In some patients, facial fat injections can be used to correct or improve facial deformities and/or post-traumatic defects in multiple areas.

Facial Fat Injections: Fast Recovery Times

At El Paso Plastic Surgery in Texas, our facial fat injections are performed on an out-patient basis, ensuring for a faster recovery time. After the procedure, a facial fat transfer may cause swelling at the liposuction treatment site that may last up to 36 hours. Additionally, a facial fat injection may cause some bruising that can usually be covered by make-up.

Facial fat injections are taken from the patient, and because a facial fat transfer utilizes a patient’s own fat cells, there is no chance of a possible allergic reaction to the procedure. A facial fat injection typically lasts longer in areas where there is less muscle movement, e.g. below the eyes and sunken cheeks. It is estimated the 40% of facial fat injections remain for up to three years. Afterward, touch-up treatments may be required.

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