The Best Breast Implants for Women on the Move

These days, the term “active” can easily define several different types of women. An active woman may be an athlete, a new mother chasing around her young children, a woman who exercises daily, or she may be a working woman who is always “on the move” in her career with little time off. No matter what description you can relate to, there are a few things to consider when choosing the breast implant that will work best for your active lifestyle.

Athletes and Fitness Fanatics

Athletes and those who exercise regularly should carefully consider the size of the implants they choose. Women who golf find that breasts that are too large can affect their swing, as do tennis players. Large breasts might also be uncomfortable for those who frequently run or jump for long periods of time. While the majority of athletes find that they can adapt their skills and become more comfortable with their new body over time, Dr. Jabor and Dr. Reynolds can provide the recommendation that will work best with each woman’s physical anatomy, desired results, and unique concerns. Placement below the pectoral muscle with silicone implants is typically recommended for these women due to the more natural look and feel.

Bodybuilders and Figure Competitors

Those who participate in bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitions typically have low body fat, high muscle mass, and, oftentimes, small breasts. Many of these women desire a more feminine appearance, but they write off breast augmentation for a couple of reasons. One, because they are afraid to get a “fake” look, and two, because they are concerned the implants will distort their appearance when they flex their muscles or move their arms. Implants in well-toned women appear the most unnatural when they are placed above the pectoral muscle; with very little fat or tissue to cover the implant, the implant is very visible through the skin. At Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers of El Paso, placement below the muscle is standard procedure mostly for this reason. And, while the most natural look is a major benefit, this placement still raises a concern for the appearance of the breasts when the muscles are flexed. To avoid muscle distortion or any limitations to mobility, Dr. Jabor and Dr. Reynolds employ a special technique that weakens a particular part of the muscle to provide the most functional and natural-looking result.

Women Who Have Little Time

Whether you are a mom with young children or a career woman with little vacation time, you can choose a breast implant that will more likely have a quicker recovery. The new, anatomically shaped, highly cohesive gel implants tend to settle into their intended position more quickly than other implants so that the final result is apparent much faster. Many things can affect the length of recovery time, but in general, women can expect to take about two weeks off from work and may be able to resume bending and lifting sooner than the typical six weeks. Patients can also shorten their recovery time by closely following postoperative instructions.

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