Plastic Surgery Myths Exposed

By: Dr. Mark Jabor

When you consider getting plastic surgery done, you might also consider the stigma that comes with it too which can change your decision drastically. Although plastic surgery has been around for more than 4,000 years, the stigma that surrounds it can still drown out the great progress this type of work has accomplished since its existence. Even though plastic surgery has become a cultural norm these days and social media and reality tv has helped the public understand the impacts it does on a patient, people still tend to focus on the myths and misconceptions that are connected to it. To get a better idea of what exactly plastic surgery is all about, we have created a list to help demystify these myths.

MYTH: Looks Fake, Unnatural, Overdone

If you have ever gone to a store and waited in a long line, you tend to look at the magazines that you normally would not even consider reading or purchasing out of boredom. Most of the time you will read a headline about a celebrity who has had some type of plastic surgery done, other times you will read about the botched job that they received or how a person aimed to look like a Barbie and so on. The media loves to showcase bad plastic surgeries because that is what sells. As a result, the public tends to believe that if anyone receives any kind of work done; they will look unnatural, fake or they may receive bad work. Although most people focus on the small percentage of bad plastic surgery, the truth is that they are doing it to look youthful and improve their body to gain confidence in themselves. Check out our gallery to see how these procedures can improve a person’s mental, emotional and physical health.

MYTH: Vanity and Beauty

Plastic surgery is notorious for being about changing the physical appearance of a person. Although this is a widely discussed topic for those who are against plastic surgery, they gloss over the important reason why most people do turn to plastic surgery which is that they want to improve how they think about themselves. For example, if you have had trouble with the functionality of your nose and you would like to improve how it looks too then rhinoplasty (nose job) can help you tremendously since it can do all that. Although plastic surgery is seen as something that is for vanity and beauty, it does not mean that it is only for that since it can help change the way you think about yourself and reduce any anxiety and depression you have with these features you want to change.

MYTH: Only for Women

The desire to look and feel our best is something that both men and women strive to accomplish for themselves. As a result, you will not only see women turning to plastic surgery to help them achieve this goal of theirs, but you will see men too. Plastic surgery is not uncommon for men of all ages to turn to alter something about themselves to help with functionality and appearance like women do. According to a plastic surgery statistics report from 2019 by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men tend to get cosmetic procedures like nose shaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast reduction and hair transplants.

MYTH: The Results Last Forever

Everyone wants to look young forever, but when it comes to growing older you will notice that those youthful looks of yours will be fading at an alarming rate. Although you think plastic surgery is the new fountain of youth for civilization as you know it, these procedures still have a time limit on them despite the long lasting effects they have given those who get work done. As a result, focusing on your body and the care it needs is extremely important in ensuring that these procedures last a very long time which is why it is important to follow the instructions and recommendations of your doctor.

MYTH: No Scarring

Although most people think that plastic surgery should not leave scarring, this is far from the truth. Scarring is something that will occur no matter how precise your doctor is, but it does not mean that it will be a huge scar that will leave you feeling insecure. On the contrary, you will see minor scarring if you follow your doctor’s instructions before and after the procedure. If you are still concerned about scarring, please speak with your doctor and take a look at our FAQ page to get an idea of what to expect for your procedure.

MYTH: All Plastic Surgeons are the Same

Before you purchase anything, you always do your research because you want to know the best place to make an investment no matter what it is you are shopping for and the same goes for plastic surgery. You cannot just take a list out and go to the closest surgeon without getting more information other than his/her name. You need to feel confident in the place you choose to get surgery from which is why you need to do your research and find out more information about the doctor. For example, you will need to know how long they have been performing the procedure, check out the before and after photos/videos, testimonies, the About page and see if they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and whether they seem like the right fit for you.

MYTH: Liposuction Helps with Weight Loss 

The assumption that liposuction and other procedures is an easy way to lose weight is not even close to what it does. When you get liposuction, it means that you are targeting a specific area in your body to remove fat that will not go away no matter how many diets and times you exercise to reduce it. For example, if you have stubborn love handles that you cannot get rid of, you can get liposuction to target that specific area to help you remove them.

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