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Scar Revision Treatment

Scar Revision Treatment

Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso – Scar Revision Treatment

For our clients in El Paso, scar revision treatment has been an option for a variety of scars, including post-surgical scars, post-traumatic scars and keloid scars. Upon evaluation one of our physicians will make recommendations for the most appropriate treatment. Dr. Jabor and  Dr. Reynolds are El Paso’s leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons, and can work to reduce or eliminate the appearance of scars caused naturally, and accidentally. Many clients seek scar revision to correct scarring resulting from: piercings, acne, wounds, injuries, or genetic keloid scars.

The type of procedure and level of care varies greatly between clients seeking scar revision treatment, and we encourage you to schedule a personalized consultation at our office to speak with one of our doctors about the best treatment plan for your needs.

Our doctors understand that scars can be an emotionally and medically complex issue for our patients, and we work with you during a consultation to map out a scar revision treatment plan that is right for you. Contact Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso  today to schedule your consultation. 

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