Why the Cooler Months are the Best Time for Plastic Surgery

While many of us plan to undergo some kind of cosmetic surgery, it’s tough to decide when to take the plunge. After all, we have kids, jobs, and other commitments that we don’t want to have to put on hold for recovery, and we also don’t necessarily want to tell the whole world about our procedure. There’s an ideal time for specific kinds of procedures, but winter months seem to be a good choice for anyone hoping to invest in a cosmetic procedure. Here’s why.

#1 Covering Up

Bruising and swelling are very likely to happen with almost every cosmetic procedure, and these kinds of symptoms do usually last a few weeks. During colder months, it’s not out of the ordinary to layer up and wear a scarf, hat, long sleeves, etc. Winter is also the perfect time to stay home with family and read, watch movies, or bake. It’s a bummer to be stuck inside during the summer, but some of the best memories are made inside during the winter season. Of course, being at home also means not having to wear makeup or uncomfortable clothing.

#2 The Kiddos are in School

During the summer, the kids are home and want to be out and about doing activities. In contrast, when the kids are in school during the winter, you can focus on your own needs and won’t be as tempted to be out and about. Rest is important to a healthy recovery.

#3 Full Recovery in Time for Spring

Spring and summer are prime seasons for tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits. If the procedure is complete and you’ve recovered by this time, it’s perfect timing to show off your plastic surgery results as well as feel confident going out with family and friends. Summer is also when many families go on vacation or take holidays, and recovery from plastic surgery can interfere with the timing of those activities.

#4 Staying Out of the Sun is Easy

Sun can be damaging to recovering skin. Too much exposure can be detrimental to your wound and cause it to heal more slowly. In the winter, days are shorter and most of spend more time indoors anyway.

If you’re hoping to make this winter a season of transformation and beauty, contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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