Tummy Tucks for the Post-Baby Paunch

Ah, Mother’s Day. It rolls around every year in the month of May, and it comes complete with macaroni art pieces, ultra-feminine floral cards, and the burnt-toast version of breakfast in bed. As loving moms, we appreciate these sweet gestures from our kiddos, and we accept them with as much gratitude as we would an all-expenses-paid spa day (okay, almost as much).

But really, it’s the thought that counts. And the privilege of raising our children – of getting to nurture them and encourage them to be the best humans they can be – is a greater gift than we could ever ask for. Still, it would be unfair to suggest that motherhood doesn’t require sacrifice. Mothers sacrifice their sleep, their energy, their time, and their post-baby bods for their children. Is it worth it? Yes! Does that make it easy? No.

The Post-Baby Paunch

Let’s be real for a second. The post-baby paunch is real, and it affects all of us. It doesn’t matter how many celebrities show up on the red carpet looking trimmed and toned a couple weeks after giving birth or how many diet companies try to convince us that we can avoid it. Every new mother has a paunch. And every mother should be proud of her beautiful body and the amazing things that it can do. But for some of us, the post-baby paunch lingers a lot longer than we would like, and it can steal our confidence.

When Diet and Exercise Don’t Work

Diet and exercise work – in theory. But between diaper changes and carpooling and the other crazy chores that life throws our way, diet and exercise aren’t always realistic or even possible. Moms often get so caught up taking care of their children that they don’t have time to take care of themselves.

Ultimately, however, the happiest and most effective moms are the moms who are healthy and confident in their skin. The better a mom feels about herself, the better she will be able to care for her children. Because of this, any moms who are struggling to lose the post-baby paunch may really benefit from tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy Tucks in El Paso

If you are a mom, there is a good chance that plastic surgery has crossed your mind at one point or another. At the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso, we have seen the benefits of tummy tucks for moms first hand. We do our best to make cosmetic surgery simple and easy for the moms that walk through our doors. If you have more questions about your cosmetic surgery options, contact our office today!

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