Should I Get Botox® in my Twenties?

“Should I Get Botox® in my Twenties?” As cosmetic professionals, we are constantly asked this question. Fresh-faced twenty-somethings with gorgeous skin and mild forehead lines stumble into our office with curiosity about this effective beauty treatment. Most of them have heard mixed messages about Botox®, and they are unsure if it is helpful – or even wise – to get Botox® in their twenties. “Everyone seems to be doing it.” they say, “but should I get Botox® in my twenties, too?” While we would never persuade anyone to do anything outside of their comfort zone, the educated answer we want to give is a resounding “yes!” Here’s why.

Moving Past the Hype

In the popular teen flick Cinderella Story, there is a scene in which Hilary Duff’s stepmom quips ‘Oh, it’s the Botox®. I can’t show emotion for another hour and a half.’ While this line certainly has comedic charm, it represents a fear that many people have held onto about Botox® injections. Namely, people worry that Botox® procedures will produce plastic faces that are devoid of emotion and unnaturally smooth.

In the past, this fear of Botox® has been perpetuated by media frenzy, ultra-naturalists, and false hype. Botox® botches are blown up on television, while the thousands of celebrities who secretly get Botox® claim that their look is completely natural. This has created false perceptions in the general population. But as 2017 comes into full swing, more celebrities are beginning to admit to their treatments and more people are beginning to understand the medical truth behind Botox®. When applied carefully, Botox® is safe, effective, and attractive. As more people have seen how subtly gorgeous Botox® can look, Botox® has grown in popularity.

Preventative Botox® Injections

But how soon is too soon to start getting Botox® injections? Let’s talk about preventative Botox®. Have you heard of it? This hot term in the cosmetic dermatology industry refers to the use of Botox® injections as a proactive beauty treatment. Even if someone has gorgeous skin with minimal lines and wrinkles, having these procedures done early on can keep lines from forming down the road.

If you scrunch up your forehead when you think and have seen lines beginning to form, now is a great time to begin considering Botox®. Not only will Botox® help keep you from scrunching your forehead, but it will train you to get rid of the forehead scrunching habit. This will make it less likely that you develop wrinkles once the Botox® wears off. Your thirty-five-year-old self will thank you for that one!

An Effective Beauty Treatment

Ultimately, Botox® is an incredibly effective beauty treatment that can solve your wrinkle woes. While some people have overdosed on Botox® in the past, this is the exception rather than the rule. Experienced cosmetic professionals, such as those at the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso, will work with their clients to make sure they achieve the best possible results. Should you get Botox® in your twenties? The answer to that question is completely up to you. If you do decide that preventative Botox® is a good option, we are here to help you get (and keep!) the beautiful skin you desire.

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