Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

While women have long known the benefits of plastic surgery, men are finally jumping on board. Over the last decade, in fact, the number of cosmetic procedures performed on men has increased by 112 percent – and that percentage is continuing to rise.

The Law of First Impressions

Why the sudden increase in popularity? We have our theories. One of them is that people are becoming increasingly aware of the law of first impressions. According to social scientists, we have about 15 seconds to make a first impression on the people we meet. During that time, we are judged based on several factors including verbal content, tone, and appearance. Here’s the kicker – 55 percent of the first impression we make will be comprised of nonverbal factors. That means that if we want a competitive edge in our social lives and even the workplace, we have to consider how our body language and appearance come across to others.

The Forbes Face Lift

Plastic surgery isn’t just about looking and feeling great. (Although those are huge benefits of cosmetic procedures!) It can also help give business professionals a competitive edge. Businessmen and businesswomen who look young and confident are more likely to get jobs and promotions. Once they have received those jobs, they are also more likely to gain trust and credibility with their coworkers. We aren’t making this stuff up! Countless communication studies have demonstrated how big of a role appearance plays in the workplace.

Accordingly, more and more men are following in the footsteps of smart women by getting plastic surgery work done. While they know they don’t have to do this to be good at their jobs, they often want to so that they look as good as they feel (and vise versa). One of the most popular procedures is called the ‘Forbes Facelift’. This neck lift, eye lift, and jawline procedure enhances the contouring of the face to increase the look of youth, confidence, and business savvy.

Other Common Procedures

While the Forbes Facelift is one way to go, many men opt for one plastic surgery procedure at a time. Here are a few of the most popular procedures:

  1. Rhinoplasty: Commonly called a nose job, this is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men. This is ideal for men who have difficulty breathing at night or dislike the shape of their nose. Rhinoplasty opens nasal airways and makes the nose appear more symmetrical. Say sayonara to snoring and hello to a good looking nose!

  2. Blepharoplasty: This is the medical term for eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty addresses wrinkles, crow’s feet, and puffiness around the eyes. By removing signs of aging, the cosmetic procedure helps men look up to ten years younger.

  3. Liposuction: Liposuction is a procedure in which fat deposits are removed from beneath the skin, and it is becoming incredibly popular among all kinds of men. Typical treatment areas include your abdomen, love handles, and the chest area.

Interested in Plastic Surgery?

While plastic surgery was thought to attract a vastly female market a decade ago, more and more men are opting for cosmetic procedures. If you are interested in improving your first impression game through plastic surgery or have further questions about these procedures, contact one of our professionals at the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso.

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