Belotero or Juvederm: Which Is Best For Lip Augmentation?

With so many choices in lip filler agents, it can be hard to understand which one will create the look you want. Two of the most common lip augmentation products — Belotero and Juvederm — may seem very similar at first glance, but each produces different results. Your personal goals, especially the kind of look you want to achieve, will inevitably be the deciding factor, and your surgeon can help steer you toward the right one. Whether you’re noticing the effects of age or have always been unhappy with how your lips look, the right lip filler agent can deliver immediate and dramatic results.

At the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers of El Paso, providing our clients with personalized care and service is a top priority. Our staff of board-certified cosmetic surgeons has the level of training and expertise to create quality results and can help you choose the procedure that will deliver the results you want. Before you visit us for your consultation, you can use this guide to understand the primary differences between Belotero and Juvederm and feel prepared to ask your provider any remaining questions.

How Does Lip Augmentation Work? 

As the body ages, levels of moisture and nutrients in the skin decline. As this happens, skin becomes drier and thinner and loses its sheen. Lip augmentation fillers are designed to draw water toward the surface of the lips and skin, which in turn creates fuller lips.

Most of today’s most popular lip filler agents contain a substance called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring molecule found in the body. Its primary role works to absorb water, provide cushioning between your skin cells and provide a pathway to deliver nutrients to the skin. Many filler agents also contain lidocaine, a numbing agent that helps minimize discomfort.

Belotero and Juvederm all contain hyaluronic acid, but use it in different ways. Whereas one filler may be designed to produce an overall plumping effect, another may provide a more detailed volumizing of the fine lines and creases along the edges of the lips. The lip filler that’s best for you will depend on the effect you’re looking for.

Similarities & Differences

Belotero and Juvederm share certain similarities and differences that should influence your choice when it comes to deciding which one is best for you. The one basic similarity that these products share is their use of hyaluronic acid as a primary ingredient. From this point, the differences begin.

These products differ in texture in terms of liquid versus gel consistencies. Typically, the softer, more liquid-like products work best for smoothing out fine lines, frown lines and lines that form on the lips. Thicker, more gel-like products work better for volumizing or plumping the lips.

Keep in mind, too, that certain health factors may mean you are a better candidate for one product instead of another. For this reason, it’s best to discuss your needs with a board-certified cosmetic doctor to ensure you choose the filler that produces the results you want. At the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers of El Paso, our surgeons have the training and expertise to ensure you can avoid unexpected complications and help you choose the product that will bring out your best results.

Belotero and Juvederm: What Does Each One Do?


Belotero, which makes a wide range of filler formulas, produces two dermal filler agents geared toward lip augmentation: Belotero Intense and Belotero Balance. Belotero Intense produces a volumizing effect, while Belotero Balance adds definition to the outline of the lips.

The hyaluronic acid content in Belotero Intense acts as a sponge, soaking up water and expanding to fill in creased, sunken areas. It creates a plumping effect in the upper and lower lips. Belotero Intense also brings moisture to the lip surface for a more vibrant look. Belotero Intense is also used to treat heavier lines and wrinkles, such as marionette lines or severe nasolabial folds, so it can be a great fit for clients who want long-lasting and more dramatic results.

Belotero Balance is to designed to completely integrate with the skin tissue, making it a perfect choice for lips that are wrinkling or puckering. It fills in moderate-to-severe vertical lines that develop above and around the mouth, as well as laugh lines that extend from the corners of the mouth. As relatively lighter or softer fillers, Belotero Balance has a more liquid-like consistency than many other options and provides more subtle results.


Juvederm likewise offers a collection of dermal fillers for the face and lips, two of which are used exclusively for lip augmentation. Juvederm Ultra XC is the filler commonly recommended and used for lip plumping purposes, while Juvederm Volbella offers soft volume and texture to fill delicate lines and wrinkles. Juvederm products use an advanced technology known as Vycross that cross-links hyaluronic molecules to give them a more structured consistency. The end result creates a gel-textured filler that’s ideal for volumizing or plumping the lips. 

Juvederm Ultra XC is appropriate for people whose lips have lost volume due to aging, or those who simply want a fuller look to their lips. It provides fullness without being too heavy, since it is specifically formulated for the delicate lip area.

 Juvederm Volbella not only adds volume but also smooths out lip contours, creating a well-defined outer lip line. Any vertical lines around the lips are smoothed out as well. This lip filler will also pull moisture in, giving the lips a moist, hydrated look.

Choosing the Lip Filler That’s Best for You

Understanding how Belotero and Juvederm work and the results they produce is half the battle in knowing which one will create the look you want. Here are a few pointers to consider:

  • If you want to enhance the shape of your lips, such as creating a more defined outline or making the lips more prominent, the softer-textured filler agents will work best.
  • The softer fillers are also the best choice for “filling in” fine lines on the lips and around the mouth.
  • If you’re looking to boost the size of your lips, the thicker-textured filler agents are the way to go.

Dermal fillers for lip augmentation are long-lasting but do wear off after several months. However, technology has advanced to the point where they can be reversed if you decide you no longer like your results. They are also easily repeatable or adjustable if you want to make changes to your look or keep your look after it begins to wear off. For expert lip augmentation services in El Paso, Texas, schedule a personal consultation with one of our doctors to see which lip augmentation products can deliver the results you want. Call the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers of El Paso today — you can reach our West El Paso office at 915-543-5600 or our Eastside location at 915-855-7800.

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