All About Lip Augmentation

Take one good look at Hollywood’s most gorgeous women, and you will see that plump, sexy lips are all the rage in the celebrity world. More than just a cosmetic trend, however, full lips are a timeless hallmark of beauty. We can’t get enough of Angelina Jolie’s iconic pout and Scarlett Johansson’s kissable lips, and we could name off several other women who rock what their mama gave them.

Not everyone is born with naturally plump lips, of course, and not everyone has 45 minutes a day to spend applying lip liner (as Kylie Jenner is rumored to have done). So what does a skinny-lipped girl do?

Lip Augmentation Facts

Enter lip injections- the non-invasive, hassle-free lip augmentation procedure to get that perfectly-plump pout without wasting money trying out countless lip plumping glosses. Here are a few facts about this innovative beauty treatment.

  1. Lip augmentation is an art. Many cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists consider lip augmentation to be as much an art as it is a science. There are countless fillers on the market, and every doctor has a preferred formula. Make sure to ask your doctor which fillers they use and why!

  2. Fillers last roughly six months. For people who have a higher metabolism, the lip injection formula may metabolize more quickly and may only last four months. This is the perfect amount of time to try out your new look without a long term commitment! If you desire a more permanent form of lip augmentation, you might consider lip implants as well.

  3. Lip injections are fast and easy. These procedures usually last only 20 minutes, meaning you may even be able to get them on your lunch break! Worried about numbing and bruising? We recommend that you don’t plan any big events after your augmentation just in case. Doctors also advise against exercising within 24 hours of your procedure to avoid extra blood flow to your healing lips. Still, you should be able to get back to your normal life in less than a day!

  4. Lip augmentations should match your face. Meaning that you shouldn’t expect to bring in a picture of a certain celebrity and get lips exactly like theirs. If your doctor is experienced, he or she will use a photo for inspiration while giving you lips that are appropriate for your bone structure and individual beauty.

  5. Your doctor may offer an anesthetic to numb pain. In many cases, you can choose to apply a numbing cream before your treatment, but ice may do the trick as well! The injection will feel like a slight pinch (kind of like a shot) and will be only mildly uncomfortable. Many people choose to go without numbing treatments.

Lip Augmentation in El Paso

Are you ready to try out the sexy look of full lips? If so, entrust your lips to El Paso’s experts on lip augmentation. At the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso, we have years of experience boosting our clients’ confidence by giving them gorgeous pouts. Contact us today for more information!

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