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7 Ways To Shake Up Your Skincare Routine For Spring

7 Ways To Shake Up Your Skincare Routine For Spring

7 Ways To Shake Up Your Skincare Routine For Spring

For the skincare enthusiast, shedding winter layers refers to more than just lightening your wardrobe. The change of seasons is the perfect excuse to switch up the coats of serums, moisturizers and creams that cold, dry weather necessitates. In the spring, a lighter, brighter skincare routine can give you a glowing complexion that perfectly complements your favorite florals and pastels. Try our skincare experts’ favorite tips to keep your routine in season this spring.

1. Start fresh with professional treatments.

Even with a good winter skincare routine, the cold temperatures, dry air and windy weather can leave your skin feeling flaky and dehydrated. Visiting your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist for a pro-grade facial can help you set the reset button, stripping away any leftover dead skin cells and giving your skin a refreshing springtime glow. Try a chemical peel or a light laser treatment to brighten your complexion and renew your skin cells, ensuring your springtime skin products will soak right in for maximum benefits.

2. Step up your SPF.

Sun protection is a given in skincare at any time of the year, but springtime means more sunshine and more time outdoors. Consider switching to a higher SPF (preferably 30 SPF or more) to wear under your makeup every day. If you know you’ll be in the sun for several hours, try carrying a travel-sized sunblock in your purse to reapply regularly.

3. Protect your neck.

Phasing out your scarves for warmer weather also means baring your neck and decolletage. Don’t forget to use your favorite skincare products -- sunscreen and anti-aging in particular -- on these areas as well as your face. The skin of your neck and chest are thin and delicate, making them especially susceptible to sun damage, wrinkling and sagging. Taking good care of them can keep your whole appearance looking younger and refreshed, especially in springtime tops and dresses.

4. Add an exfoliator.

Chemical and physical exfoliators are both excellent additions to skincare routines, ensuring that old, dead skin is sloughed away. But exfoliants can also be drying, and when combined with winter weather they can result in mild redness or dehydration. With spring’s returning humidity, it might be time to add your favorite scrub or glycolic acid mask back into your weekly rotation without fear of irritating your skin.

5. Switch up your moisturizer.

On a similar note, the warm spring air also means your skin can retain more moisture on its own -- no more need for heavy occlusive moisturizers. A lightweight hydrator can be more than enough to give you that coveted dewy look. This spring’s popular ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a molecule capable of holding thousands of times its own volume in water. Look for a hyaluronic acid-based serum from your favorite skincare line.

6. Take a makeup inventory.

If it’s been a few months since you reevaluated your cosmetics collection, it might be time to check for older products. Expired makeup can be a health hazard as it becomes more prone to growing bacteria, or it can simply be harsh on your skin if it’s past its prime. Not only will tossing old tubes of concealer benefit your skin, but it also gives you an excuse to try a new springtime shade or opt for lighter, more natural coverage.

7. Stay hydrated.

Drinking plenty of hydrating liquids is another tried-and-true way to keep your skin looking healthy and plump -- and no, your celebratory warm-weather iced coffee doesn’t count. Make your water bottle your favorite accessory this spring -- opt for a reusable one so you’ll always have some H2O on hand, and so you can do a favor for the environment.

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